Valmet acquires the business of Mcpapermachinery in Tuscany


On last 31 July Valmet signed the contract for the purchase of Mcpapermachinery in Veneri (province of Pistoia, Italy). The activities purchased are principally rewinder machines for tissue production, the type of paper from which paper handkerchiefs, kitchen rolls or toilet rolls are made.

In the last few years the net sales of the Mcpapermachinery business, which employs 33 people and is located in Pescia, near Lucca, were around 10 million euros. This purchase is intended to reinforce Valmet’s strength in the manufacture of machinery for tissue, with 24% of the world market. The Pescia site will, furthermore, be the fifth production centre in the sector for Valmet, the second in Italy, after those of Gorizia, Karlstad in Sweden, Biddeford in the United States and Xian in China. All factories with specialist productions which do not cross over or overlap between themselves.

Thus the ten-year collaboration between Valmet and Mcpapermachinery is also consolidated. Mcpapermachinery supplied the Finnish multinational with the machinery for processing the tissue: after a long courtship by the Scandinavians, Valmet’s new management enters the factory in Via delle Molina, an entry greeted with some optimism also by the workers in the company in Pescia since new investments appear on the horizon and, therefore, new jobs.