May 2015

Testing Instruments

Process Optimization and Quality Assurance

emtec Electronic GmbH in the Zellcheming Expo 2015 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, the 110th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, showed a variety of testing instruments by which the complete production process can be controlled and…

Emiliano Galigani, General Director of the Cartasia biennial exhibition.


Art avant-garde in Lucca

Protagonists. Cartasia: alternative uses for paper

When creativity and art meet in a local context linked to a leading tradition, history and future, the final result is Cartasia: an Italian project promoting paper with the language of contemporary art….


Enhancing hygiene tissues with a non-contact application process

Manufacturers of hygiene tissues face constantly increasing consumer demands: paper tissues, toilet paper, napkins or cosmetic tissues are not only expected to clean nowadays but provide a better sensation on the skin, pleasant…

Efficiency and savings

Voith BlueLine machines successful in operation

In the paper industry there is a demand for innovations that reduce operating costs and help conserve resources in the production process. Voith developed its BlueLine range to meet both these requirements. Strong…


Konecranes has every stage of the pulp and paper industry process covered

First of all, the Company has designed paper mill cranes to help boost long-term reliability and minimize ownership costs for pulp and paper industry. The solutions are based on long experience and know-how…

«The process of production optimization is strictly connected with an increasingly accentuated customization of spare parts» Michele Ghibellini, foreign sales – quality & safety at Officine Airaghi.

Overwiev on Energy

Energy efficiency opportunities

Variables that have been ignored, which can yet lead to the optimization of work and production.

Optimization and efficiency are key to improve processes and achieve actual savings at the same time. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adopting simple devices, which can yet help achieve good results. Let’s…


UPM reduced work-related accidents by 70 percent in three years

UPM has significantly reduced work-related accidents with a three year program called “Step Change in Safety 2012–2014”. UPM’s lost time accident frequency* (LTAF) has decreased by 70% from 15.2 in 2012 to 4.4…

The thermal energy recovered as hot water and steam is used inside the plant.

Energy Efficiency

Optimizing electric and thermal energy consumption

Combined heat and power generation: saving energy and reducing the environmental impact at the same time.

Combined heat and power generation (cogeneration) remains the ideal solution for the energy and thermal power balance of paper mills. The Italian example of an entrepreneur who opted for a different installation and…


Call for Candidates for European Paper Recycling Awards 2015

The European Recovered Paper Council (Erpc) launched a call for candidates for the 2015 European Paper Recycling Awards. The awards will identify projects, initiatives and campaigns that contribute to Europe’s sustainability through activities…

Graphic papers

The range of certified EU Ecolabel cardboards gets wider

Stora Enso widens its range of certified EU Ecolabel cardboards for graphical applications. Now Ensocoat 2S, Aurocard and Performa Alto have recently obtained their certification, too, following Ensocoat, Chromocard, Performa White, Performa Bright…

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