Tissue and Integrated Cogeneration: a path towards higher efficiency

Cogeneration is the combined production of electrical or mechanical and thermal energy obtained by the same primary source. A cogeneration plant is built of a gas turbine connected to an electrical generator. Its…

Co2 Market

Hanging by a thread… called Donald Trump

A total of 6 gigatonnes emission shares including emission permits and credit offsetting were totally exchanged on all regional and national ETS markets in 2016. The price of the emission shares on the…


Renewables’ contribution to energy production has risen to 22.3% if one considers the share of electric energy alone

The International Energy Agency, i.e. IEA has once again reported on the contribution made by renewable energy sources to the world energy demand. The expected prospect is a long-term one (the data registered is…

Innovations of a material, which is as old as the world

A special type of paper that is capable of storing a very large quantity of energy

Researchers from Linköping University (Sweden) have developed the paper of the future. by eng. Vittorio Pesce As is known, in the next few decades increasingly marked population growth and growing industrial activities will require…

Horizon 2020

Collection and Dissemination of Good Energy Efficiency Practices in European Countries

The meeting to launch the EU-Merci project has been held. This is a project financed by Horizon 2020. EN-Merci aims at creating the conditions to facilitate projects to improve energy efficiency in the…

«In Italy energy costs are an incentive to efficiency which pushes companies to make changes with significant sustainable features,» Franco Pasquini, engineering director of Lucart Group.

Overview on Energy

A goal of energy efficiency

Custom-made cogeneration, specifically designed with integrated eco recovery.

An integrated eco recovery technology has been designed and installed for an existing plant of a paper factory of the Lucart group in Italy. The new plant will enable the paper mill to…

«With the Energy Union Europe supports the integration of the energy policy with the other EU policies, in order to strengthen the economy and competitiveness of the Member Countries», Samuele Furfari, Deputy Director-General at the Directorate-General for Energy – European Commission.

Overview on Energy

The Energy Union: the five points of the Union’s policy

Published on 25th February 2015, the European file dedicated to the EU’s energy policy is the starting point for current and future decisions of the Union in relation to energy in all its forms. Energy efficiency is one of the cornerstones of this policy.

«Energy efficiency is a very complicated topic». It is with this sentence that Samuele Furfari, Energy Director-General at the European Commission, starts off at the 7th Day on energy efficiency in the industry,…


The European Sustainable Energy Week 2015

The place to show best practices and new opportunities for the near future

by P. Capellini The European Sustainable Energy Week 2015, organized by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Energy in cooperation with the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, took place last June,…

Giovanni Prezioso, development manager at E.ON Energy Projects (EEP).

Overview on Energy

Cogeneration to balance the electric grid

The smart grid also affects industrial companies which can represent an important element in a changing electrical supply system. A German case is an example of how the energy supply optimisation in a paper mill can become a general advantage.

The configuration of the energy supply system is changing, in particular due to the development of new production technologies, like renewable energies. As a consequence, also the market structure is changing, whereby the…

«The process of production optimization is strictly connected with an increasingly accentuated customization of spare parts» Michele Ghibellini, foreign sales – quality & safety at Officine Airaghi.

Overwiev on Energy

Energy efficiency opportunities

Variables that have been ignored, which can yet lead to the optimization of work and production.

Optimization and efficiency are key to improve processes and achieve actual savings at the same time. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adopting simple devices, which can yet help achieve good results. Let’s…

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